Filling the Silos: TDB10 A-Up

Finals Problem#3
Photo: France Lavoie

Last saturday was held the second eastern stop the TDB10! The event took place in the brand new facilites of Allez Up, which is built in the old Redpath silos. Formerly, tons and tons of different stuff have been stored in that building. This time it wasn’t any kind of cereals but the biggest TDB comp ever! with over 100 men and 40 in women only in open, not to mention every other categories!
There was a very nice atmosphere and everything was put together for a great event. I have to mention the high quality and diversity of the problems. The routesetting team did a good job and was super creative. there was 60 problems in total. I finished the qualifiers with my 6 problems being 54 and up except 60. I fell a lot but still manage to flash or quickly do a few of the problems and it took me to the first spot on the ranking. Mélissa (Lacasse) was there and also did pretty well finishing 4th.

Mélissa on Qualifier #48
Photo: yves Lazure

Qualifiers Prob#59
Photo: Yves Lazure

We both went in isolation and I was again last to go out, which can be a long wait sometime.. Before I went out I kind of knew that there was not a lot of sends in the men side with how the crowd was reacting.
I manage to send problem#1 after a few tries. It was a cool problem, kind of tricky, that reminds me more of an outdoor climb. I topped out and every one was screaming so I knew I was in a good position. It’s always good to have that confidence, so you can climb without too much pressure.

Finals Problem#1
Photo: Nic Charron

Finals Problem#1
Photo: Alexandre Landry

Finals Problem#2
Photo: Alexandre Landry

Problem two was starting in the middle of the roof and we had to transfer on the face to a undercling match of a big round hold. All that was followed by a bad pinch and a big swing. I gave it all and stood on the top of the boulder! I had a very hard time to match the pinch and the no hold top as well! I’m glad I did it! Number 3 included mantles of volumes. I tought that the round feature was completely round instead of an half sphere. I didn’t send. The last one was a bit disappointing for me because I wasn’t able to start it. It was jumpstart that I wasn’t able to reach. I would have like to finish the comp nicely… but it happens sometime! and I should continue working on my jumps!
At the end of the comp I was the only guy that sent problem 1 and 2 and it was wrapping up my first win of the season!!

Big Thanks to everyone for the cheering! it always help and is very appreciate!!

SL (HB) 😛

Finals Prob#3
Photo: Nic Charron

Finals problem#4
Photo: Alexandre Landry

Finals Results:


1-Sébastien Lazure

2-Florent Balsez

3-John Bowles

4-Simon Villeneuve

5-David Hereema

6-Carl Desnoyers

7-Mark Button

8-Hans Christian Montenegro Bogoya


1-Élise Sethna

2-Mélissa Lacasse

3-Clarrie Lam

4-Marine Cusa

5-Kerry Briggs

6-Marieta Akalski

7-Bonnie De Bruijn

8-Cloé Legault

Click HERE for the full results.


Video of the comp:

Allez Up TDB 2012


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