Pinkie’s back!

Here is a small update of what I’ve been up to since my trip to Hueco Tanks in February.

I was feeling in good shape after the trip. Having a break of school and being able to get on the rock felt so good!

I came back to Montreal, and only couple days after, I competed in the Coupe Québec comp in Action Directe. I came in first place at this one, it was a good comp but unfortunately Mélissa (my coach) got hurt, falling from the last hold of the last problem in finals. Hopefully she’ll get better soon, at least for the summer time.

I also got injured approximately two months ago. I always warm-up before climbing, but not this time and I now regret it. I tried something a bit too hard and I felt something bad in my pinkie and it hurts for a while, even if I took some time off…  Obviously, with my injury, the regionals and nationals didn’t go as well as I would have liked. I didn’t make finals at nationals making it to the 10th place.

I had couple acupuncture sessions and I think it helped me recover faster! I could climb with a lot less pain already the day after my first treatment.

Now, my finger is feeling great again and I’ve been able to train hard for the last couple weeks with in minds the World Cup in Hamilton next week end! (June 1st and 2nd)

If you want to watch the comp, it will be live on the IFSC website!


Schedule of the event:

PROVISIONAL PROGRAM – timetable may change after registration deadline

Saturday June 1st 2013


8:00 am – Isolation opens for Female Competitors

9:00 am – Isolation Closes for Female Competitors

9:30 am – Female Qualification Round begins

1:00 pm – Female Qualification Round ends


1:00 pm – Isolation opens for Male Competitors

2:00 pm – Isolation closes for Male Competitors

3:00 pm – Male Qualification Round begins

9:00 pm – Male Qualification Round ends

Sunday 2nd June 2013


9:00 – Isolation opens for Semifinalists

10:00 – Isolation closes for Semifinalists

11:00 – Semifinal Round begins

1:30 – Semifinal Round ends


3:00 pm – Isolation opens for Finalists

4:00 pm – Isolation closes for Finalists

5:00 pm – Athlete introductions and route preview

– Final round begins

Awards Ceremony to follow at conclusion of Finals


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