Post-WC Post

It was my birthday on June 1st and the qualification of the World Cup in Hamilton. I had decided to make it a good day, have fun and hopefully climb well enough to make it to semi-final.

I managed to realize most of my goals except going to semi. I would really have liked to be part of it but I still had an amazing day and one of the funniest comp. The crowd was amazing, like always Canadians know how to cheer! I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done, I had a mere 6 weeks of training before the comp to come back from my finger injury and I was feeling a lot better already.

Photo: Miguel Jette (Bonuel Photography)

Photo: Miguel Jette (Bonuel Photography)

Competing is a whole mental game and I think I was able to get my mine on at this comp. I climbed horribly in isolation, but talked to myself and kept the head up. It went a lot better when it was important! I should have done the first boulder but ran out of time as I touched grabbed the bonus hold. I knew the problem was over after it.
Second boulder was a dyno out of a roof and I stuck it in only few goes. I fell once slapping the final hold and climbed back on to secure the final hold! I climbed strong on the last three problems without toping anything else.

Photo: Miguel Jette (Bonuel Photography)

Photo: Miguel Jette (Bonuel Photography)

I finished 25th and would have need another top to get in semi. It was a very good experience and I look forward to train harder! The motivation is high! Maybe Munich in August?

You can watch the comp on the IFSC channel:…0.0…


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