Euro13 : München

I think I got the Eurofever! I really like Europe. Its lifestyle, culture, climbing and off course the pastries! I’m now back home and just wish I could go back!


The München World Cup was the last of this season and I was hoping to be able to pass to semi-finals. I was a little disappointed of not achieving my goal with all the training I did recently but I know that it’ll just get me stronger. I obviously can’t control how the other competitiors will climb or even what the setter will throw at us. I personally didn’t like the 2nd and 3rd problems of my group, I think they were a bit odd but I understand it is part of comps. The only thing I can control is my climbing. I think I did well on that side.

Photo Stéphanie Bénard

Photo Stéphanie Bénard

Photo: Stéphanie Bénard

Photo: Stéphanie Bénard

I sent boulder 1 in couple tries after slowly understanding how to do the gaston move. I was happy to send it since it helps you get confidence for the other ones. The 2nd was a weir dyno to a sidepull hold. You had either to squeeze really hard and hold the swing or do a ninja kick on a foot at the same time you grab the hold. It was a tricky one and it’s for sure something I have to work on. On the 3rd they forced us to use hands on indicated holds for the start and the toe hooking over your head they wanted us to do was super reachy.  The 4th was super demanding on your shoulder with the use of the side wall, I felt touching the bonus hold. The last problem was hard start on a volume with no hold, it was a slab and the last couple holds leading to the top were so bad. I finish with 1 top and 4 bonuses.

Photo: Stéphanie Bénard

Photo: Stéphanie Bénard

Photo: Stéphanie Bénard

Photo: Stéphanie Bénard

Stephanie and I profited of our spare times to visit a lot. So much to see there! We saw multiple buildings and places with lots of history and took lots of pictures. Between watching semi and final we climbed at the Boulder Welt gym which is one of the best boulder gym I’ve seen! It’s huge and offers lots of good problems of every style either inside or outside. After the finals we had a lot of fun at the party with every one for the closing of the season.

Our plan after the comp was to head to Magic Wood but the rain kept us in Munich for one more day where we climbed at Boulder Welt again. The next day was still raining so we went to Innsbruck for the day and stayed at our friend’s place for the night before finally leaving for Switzerland.

More to comp about our trip to Magic Wood in my next post!

Stay tuned!


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