I’m 22 years old, climber for now ten years. Before I discovered my passion for pulling on rocks I did Judo for ten years making it to the brown belt. After one year of climbing inside in a youth course I went outside for the first time and it just strenghten the addiction I already had! I always liked to be outside and pushing my limits. Two things I found with climbing as well as travelling and meeting awesome people from everywhere on the planet!

I soon started training with Mélissa Lacasse who’s still my coach and friend. I know her since the beginning of the competition team at Vertical 9 years ago. I do a lot of competitions and will top my 100th comp this season! I think that competition is a fun way of training and getting a lot of experiences quickly in the sport. I competed in 6 world cups yet and can’t wait for the other oness! There will be one in Toronto this year and I hope to be at my best. This year I grabbed for the first time the Canadian bouldering champ title in april 2012 during the Tour de Bloc circuit.

On the travelling side, I did my first road trip in 2007 at the age of 17 in direction of Squamish BC. Since then I can’t get myself not to travel. I’ve climbed in 6 contries yet, visiting areas like Squamish CAN, Portrero Chico – El Salto MX, Hueco Tanks – Hors pen 40 – Joe’s Valley USA, Fontainebleu – FR, Rocklands SA, etc. Rocklands being my favourite spot so far I went there twice and can’t wait to go back!

I’m now hoping that climbing will still bring me tons of amazing experiences. I will work hard on the next year to push my standards and be ready fo wathever challenge I face. I will be managing everything with school as it’ll also be the year I graduate of my 3 years program in architecture! Can’t wait to go on the rock!

Let’s go climbing! 🙂



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